Neil Monaghan, Head of Centre

Neil may be the Head of Centre at The Avalon Project, but his approach is anything but middle of the road. A fierce champion of the young people at the centre, Neil is responsible for running the specialist training programs currently on offer, and future-proofing the centre with innovative new ideas (hello, Honest Grind Coffee).

Preferred brew method - Espresso all the way

Favourite coffee - Our very own Somers Town Espresso

Marsha Brown, Head Roaster

Having spent a decade honing the craft of coffee roasting, starting a successful coffee brand, owning and running a cafe and training fellow coffee enthusiasts, Marsha is on a mission to turn her wealth of industry experience into real employment opportunities for vulnerable young people in her home city of London.

Preferred brew method – V60

Favourite coffee – Ethiopian Rocko Mountain, natural process (super funky and complex)

The Honest Crew

The Honest Grind Coffee you enjoy is brought to you by the grit and graft of a team of hardworking young people showing up and honing their craft.

While we can’t introduce each and every one of them, just know that they pour their hearts and souls into helping produce the perfect cup for you to enjoy.