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Honest Grind Coffee exists to create pathways for vulnerable young people to employment, and by choosing our sustainably sourced coffee, you are choosing to make a life-changing impact on a young person.

We raise our cup to you, and thank you for believing in us and investing in their future.

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Sustainable Sourcing

Our beans are sustainably sourced from friends we’ve made across the world, remote or small farms and collectives that are dedicated to producing some of the most exciting and high grade beans. We go above and beyond simply trading fairly, we select producers who are often overlooked by the bulk traders, and partner with merchants who invest into the infrastructure that nurtures and supports them.

We only use specialty grade beans that have been awarded a cupping score of 85+, which means every coffee we bring to you is nothing short of exceptional.

Banging Beans

Whatever your brew method, we’ve got something for you. Our roasts are designed and delivered with maximum flavour in mind, from our bright and smooth Slowly Slowly from our friends at Red de Mujeres, to the full bodied and rich Somers Town Espresso from Ethiopia, we’ve got all your coffee bases covered.

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